After two or three years of use of residential solar water heaters, it is prone to a large amount of scale.
Which will affect the use of residential solar water heaters. If the scale is not cleaned, not only the water that is discharged is not clean, but also the pipe may be blocked, causing the pipe to burst. Maintaining scale for a long time will also reduce the service life of residential solar water heaters. So it is important to clean the scale.



1. What is scale?
2. What is the consequences of heavy scale in your solar water heater?
3. How to remove the scaling from your solar water heater?
4. Conclusion


1.What is scale?

What is the scale in the residential solar water heater? This scale is water alkali, which is a precipitate produced by the calcium ions and magnesium ions in the water after heating.
When calcium and magnesium are in an ionic state, we are almost invisible to the naked eye. But almost all tap water will have calcium and magnesium ions. Every time we burn hot water, we often form scale.

anti scal filter

2.What is the consequences of heavy scale in your solar water heater?


When there is a lot of scale in the residential solar water heater, it will affect the use of the water heater when it is serious.
Due to the long-term use without cleaning, a large amount of scale is deposited inside the tank and at the vacuum nozzle.
The water tank capacity is reduced, the water level is lowered, and the water level is low. Of course, the hot water is less.
Scale can also cause the sensor to show deviations or malfunctions, giving you the wrong indication.

There are two kinds of phenomena in this process:


one is that the scale is loose like a sponge at the beginning of the scale.
And the scale can absorb the water at this time, even if only a small amount of water in the tank will show the full water level due to the phenomenon of sucking;

the other is In the later stage of scaling, the scale is hard and dense. Since the scale hinders the transmission of electrical signals, the filling of the water in the water tank may also indicate water shortage or no water.


solar water heater vacuum tubes scaling


3.How to remove the scaling from your solar water heater?


Chemical descaling treatment

The scale in the vacuum tubes, pipes and other equipment in the residential solar water heater system is dissolved, loosened, and detached by alkali washing, pickling, complexing agent cleaning, and ion exchanger softening. If the descaling treatment is improper, the equipment and piping will be corroded, which will affect the service life of the equipment. In addition, chemical descaling agents should be disposed of after use, otherwise it will cause environmental pollution.


Physical descaling method

You can buy special solar water heater cleaning liquid in the market. Its main components include food acid, synergist and metal material protection agent. In fact, the most important thing is white vinegar. White vinegar is an aqueous solution containing acetic acid. Acetic acid reacts with calcium and magnesium compounds. Produces soluble calcium acetate and magnesium acetate, which removes scale. The other ingredients mainly improve efficiency and protect the inner tank. In fact, the inner tank is stainless steel. As long as the acidic substance does not soak for a long time, it will not receive damage. It takes about 10 minutes, and the warm water effect is better.



Prevention is better than cure,we can nstall Pre-filter in the water heater pipeline when we install solar water heaer for our house,

Solar water heater anti scale filter is a sort of water purification that cleans water through solar geysers to remove contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and protozo…






It is best not to let your scale accumulate for too long, because after a long time. It will affect the heating efficiency, which can directly lead to an increase in heating time.
At the same time, the excessive accumulation of scale will cause the water temperature to rise slowly. And the maximum water temperature cannot be reached.
Thus affecting the use and clogging the upper and lower water pipes, so that the water is not smooth. Sometimes smaller slag will contact the skin with water flow, block the shower, and affect the life of the residential solar water heater.



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