Solar hot water is an affordable, effective form of clean, renewable energy that can be taken advantage of by every homeowner. Using solar flat plate collectors, you can take advantage of the sun’s abundant energy to lower your own energy costs. This means lower bills every month, free hot water for your home, and more energy independence.
Solar flat plate collectors are an affordable solution to rising energy costs. Solar flat plates are long lasting, durable, and cost effective. Flat plate collectors are traditionally used in warmer, sunnier climates. For cooler, cloudier areas, and areas that have long, cold winters, you may wish to consider our solar evacuated tube collectors.


Benefits of a Solar Flat Plate System

1. Save Money
By using the sun to heat – or preheat – your home’s hot water, you can cut your water heating bill substantially. On many solar hot water systems, customers report that their hot water heating bills have been reduced by as much as 80%.
Over 30% of the average family’s electric bill goes directly to heating hot water. This means that a solar water heating system can immediately reduce your bills, and will continue to do so for decades to come.

2.Invest in a Better and Cleaner Environment
Solar water heating systems help you reduce energy consumption, and therefore, reduce the pollution associated with producing that energy. A 50% reduction in traditional energy use means a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. So by installing a solar hot water system in your home, you are reducing your carbon footprint by half.
This results in a cleaner environment, and helps to lessen our reliance on traditional, polluting fossil fuels like coal and oil. You are able to contribute to a better tomorrow – all while saving money!

3.More Hot Water Available
With a solar hot water heating system, many times a solar tank is installed to work alongside your existing hot water tank. This means you will have double the storage – and twice as much hot water available.
So when you have guests, visitors, or want to take that extra long soak in the tub – you can do so without it jumping up your electric bill. You’ll have more water – and hotter water – available. Hot water that you can feel good about using, knowing it was heated using the sun’s energy for zero cost.



How a Solar Flat Plate System Works


Typically, over 25% of energy consumption comes from heating water. This hot water is often used for cooking, washing dishes, laundry, showers, and cleaning. A solar hot water system is an ideal solution to reduce ever rising energy costs.
Solar flat plate collectors are typically used in warmer, more temperature climates. The technology used in solar flat plates allows them to take advantage of warmer outside temperatures to increase their production of hot water. However, in colder climates, or areas where there are long, harsh winters, you may wish to consider our solar evacuated tube collectors.

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