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Riwatt Solar Co., Limited, is a premier manufacturer of the world’s finest maintenance-free solar water heater to the public at very competitive prices, with an emphasis on professional innovation and
quality, we have always put an emphasis on conducting business in an ethical, responsible, clear, and ecological way. Riwatt values Innovation, Dedication, and Superiority, and satisfy our customers by providing high-tech designs
and features of solar thermal products according to customers’ needs. Improving the quality continuously and innovating forever. Our products have been approved by plenty of customers whom from around the world like America, Europe,
The Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Riwatt will incessantly offer noteworthy high-quality solar thermal energy and professional service with deep technical accumulation, reasonable human resources, and farsighted strategy. We
sincerely welcome your contact with us and do mutual benefit business with each other in the near future!

About Us
solar water heater factory manufacturer company

professional solar water heater manufacturer

RIWATT solar specializes in manufacturing and selling solar water heater, high-end heat pipe solar collectors, air solar collectors, etc.

riwatt office building

solar water heater specialist

As a manufacturer owning the most advanced manufacturing equipment for producing solar water heater


Our company is China's solar thermal utilization industry director unit and obtained "the low carbon economic contribution award"

leakage testing

Leaking Testing Before Shipping

Every single of solar water heater, solar collector,related solar parts will have to be aging tested for 24 hours before release from Riwatt factory.

professional water tank welding engineer

Professional water tank welding engineer

Each water tank inner chest adopt DUAL welding tech, both inner & outer simoutenously welding,prevent water tank leaks

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