Solar thermal panels or solar collectors are devices that are mounted on your roof to absorb the sun’s heat and use it to heat up water, stored in water tank


500L Low Pressure Solar Hot Water Heating System Info. :


Solar Collector:58*1800mm butterfly solar collector 50 tubes: 1 sets
Galvanized steel water storage tank: 500L (stainless steel optional)
Circulation pump: 1 sets (or NO NEED)
Check valve: Serval
Pre-insulated Galvanized steel pipeline: Several
Backing up heating source: electric heater element: 1 pcs of 6KW
Controller System : TK-7


CCR-50 (500L) – Solar Hot Water Heating (Gravity Feed)
Water Tank
1 Material of outer tank shell Color painted steel
2 Material of inner tank chest SUS304-2B stainless steel,0.5mm,±0.03mm
3 Water tank insulating layer Imported polyurethane,50mm thickness
4 Heat preservation period 72 hours
5 Welding method Argon arc welding
Solar Collector Vacuum Tube
6 Tube structure All-glass double-tube co-axial structure
7 Glass material High borosilicate 3.3 glass
8 Tube size 58*1800mm*50
9 Outer tube dia. & thickness Ø58±0.7mm; Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm
10 Inner tube dia. & thickness Ø47±0.7mm; Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm
11 Absorb coating Three targets(RED TUBES)
Solar Collector Bracket
12 Material Galvanized steel OR PVDF steel
13 Angle 20°,27°,38°,45°
14 Bolts & nuts Stainless steel
15 Reflector
16  Cold water auto loading device: Assistant tank
17 In-built electric heater element 3000W
18 All-Glass Evacuated Collector Tube Warranty: 15 (FIFTEEN) Years
19 Water Storage Tank & Collector Manifold  Warranty: 5 (FIVE)Years
20 Bracket/Support Warranty: 5 (FIVE)Years
21 Warranty of Other System Components: 1 (ONE) Years


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