How do I maintain my solar water heater? is a common question that we get from our clients at riwatt solar, If properly installed by technicians who are EAC certified ,solar water heaters require little maintenance. However it is important to take excellent care of your system to ensure that it gives you longer service. Below are somethings to do so as to keep your solar water heater in great working condition

1. Check collector panels for shading and debris from nearby trees . It is important to cut down trees near the solar water heaters to avoid debris settlement that may cover the sensors.

2.Visual inspection of the collector/tubes should be done occasionally to check for any leaks. Condensation on the glass , white strips on your roof or wet insulation indicate the system may be leaking. Any leaking tubes should be replaced immediately. Contact your supplier when you see any corrosion of the galvanized metal parts or discoloration of the tubes

3. Check for any construction in the neighborhood which is causing a shadow on the solar panel, the system may need to be shifted to shadow free location.

4. Solar hot water tanks should be maintained by Flushing the hot and cold relief valves on the hot water tank every six months. The flat plate pressurized solar water heater should have their anode changed every once in 5 years or 3 years in areas where there is salty/hard water.

5. Visually inspect the pipes passage through the roof to make sure that it is still water tight. Add sealant if need be.

6. Call a certified technician every three years to replace valves, seals and clean any silt or dirt that may have gotten into the tubes. He can also check the pumps to make sure that they are operational.

7. Always check your controller for any warning signs that may indicate any fault in the system and have it rectified in due time.


Care and maintenance of Solar Water Heaters in South Africa