How To prevent corrosion and scaling of your solar water heater


Scaling is caused mainly by buildup of calcium deposits in hydronic solar heating systems. Scale buildup subsides system performance in a number of ways. If your system uses water as the heat-transfer fluid, like in the low pressure vacuum tube system, scaling can occur in the collector, distribution piping, and heat exchanger.

You can prevent scaling by using water softeners or by circulating a mild acidic solution like as vinegar through the collector or domestic hot water loop every5 years, or 3 years if your water is very salty.

Corrosion rarely occurs, but when it does is usually galvanic corrosion, an electrolytic process caused by two dissimilar metals coming into contact with each other. Painting the exposed galvanized area periodically may help in preventing corrosion.

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how to maintenace solar water heater



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