What is a commercial solar water heater?

Does your business have a high hot water load?
Do you want to try more possibilities, commercial solar water heaters may be suitable for you, let us know what is a commercial solar water heater…

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-How commercial solar water heating works?
-Commercial Solar collector types

How solar water heating works?

Commercial solar water heaters convert solar energy into heat energy, and heat water from low temperature to high temperature, so as to meet people’s hot water use in life and production. Commercial solar water heaters are divided into vacuum tubular solar water heaters and flat panel solar water heaters according to their structure. Vacuum tubular solar water heaters are the main type, accounting for 95% of the domestic market share. Vacuum tubular household solar water heater is composed of heat collector, water storage tank and bracket and other related accessories. Converting solar energy into heat energy mainly depends on heat collector. The collector tube makes use of the principle of floating, cooling and sinking of hot water to produce microcirculation and achieve the required hot water.

Heat Absorption Process of Commercial Solar Water Heaters

When the vacuum tube water heater absorbs heat, the solar radiation passes through the outer tube of the vacuum tube and is absorbed by the collector coating and then transferred to the water in the tube along the inner tube wall. After heat absorption, the temperature rises, the specific gravity decreases and rises, forming an upward motive force and constituting a thermosiphon system. As the hot water moves upwards and is stored in the upper part of the tank. And the lower temperature water is continuously replenished along the other side of the pipe so that the whole tank water rises to a certain temperature.

Flat-plate commercial solar water heaters, generally split commercial solar water heaters, the medium in the collector plate due to thermal siphon natural circulation, solar radiation in the collector plate heat transfer to the water tank in time, the water tank through heat exchange (jacket or coil) heat transfer to cold water. The medium can also transfer heat through pump circulation.

Circulating Pipeline of Commercial Solar Water Heater

Household solar water heaters usually work in a natural circulation mode without external power. Vacuum tubular solar water heater is a direct plug-in structure, hot water provides power through gravity. Flat-panel solar water heaters provide power through the pressure of tap water (called top water). Pump cycle uses in solar central heating system. Because the solar water heater collector area is small, considering the loss of heat energy, pipeline circulation is generally not used.


Solar collector types

According to the heat collection part, it can be divided into vacuum glass tube commercial solar water heater and metal plate commercial solar water heater. Vacuum glass tube solar water heater has the highest heat absorption efficiency at present. Its advantage is that there is no need to add insulation layer in the heat collection part. Moreover, the performance of vacuum glass tube is very good in high temperature resistance, shock resistance and heat preservation. It is also used by most solar water heater manufacturers. Use. Because of its large volume, it is easy to accumulate scale in the pipe, which is its shortcoming.
From the structure, it can divide into ordinary commercial solar water heater and split commercial solar water heater. The common commercial solar water heater is to insert the vacuum glass tube directly into the water tank, and use the circulation of heated water to raise the water temperature in the water tank. This is the most conventional water heater used by manufacturers at present. Generally, this kind of water heater can only be used on the top floor of the house, but the area of the roof is limited.


Commercial solar water heaters can be divided into pressurized commercial solar water heaters and non-pressurized commercial solar water heaters. The pressurized solar water heater is to use the pressurized water tank to circulate water through pressurization, which is more convenient to use. The pressurized solar water heater requires high sealing performance of the collector and the water tank. At present, the common solar water heaters installed on the roof are generally non-pressurized water heaters. Its water tank has a pipe to communicate with the atmosphere. It uses the height difference between the roof and the home to produce pressure when using water. Its safety, cost and service life are much better than pressure type.
A solar water heating system is a simple and reliable energy source for your business or commercial space. Sized to fit the location’s needs, solar collectors are mounted on a south facing sloped or flat roof. Fluid (water or glycol) flows through the panels and is heated by the sun. It then runs to a solar storage tank connected to your existing hot water heater. Your water heater only turns on if the solar-heated water still needs a temperature boost. Hot water flows out of your taps just like it always has, but your hot water heating bill could be cut 60-80%. You will also reduce greenhouse gas and other air polluting emissions from your business!



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