How to regular maintenance your household solar water heaters?

How to clean up residential solar water heaters? What should I pay attention to when using? What cleaning is needed? Maybe you have a lot of questions about residential solar energy, but if you don’t get it, you will answer as many questions as you can. You can also learn more about it here.



Residential solar water heater considerations
Some tips you need to know


Residential solar water heater considerations
The most important thing is that the installation should be firm, otherwise the subsequent use will be affected. Residential solar water heaters, especially external solar panels and water tanks. Require a firm structure, high stability, wind and snow resistance, aging resistance, and rust resistance. It is necessary to fix the water heater to prevent the water heater from aging and causing unnecessary damage.

Safe performance.
The solar water heater should have various functions. Such as water tank water level inquiry, fault alarm, start water supply, water supply shutdown, and electric heating to facilitate the use of large users.

Prevent burns.
The water that the solar energy just slammed out is generally the water in the pipeline. At the beginning, the temperature is not high, but the water temperature in the solar water heater can reach 90 °C or more in the summer. When the cold water in the pipeline is exhausted, more than 90 degrees of hot water will surge. When the user does not pay attention, they are often burnt. When they just put in the water, they should notice that some of the cold water stored in the water pipe is released first. Once the water in the solar water heater flows, the temperature will suddenly rise and cause burns.

Periodic inspection.
Regularly check the water heater’s pipes, vents and other components for normal operation. Check all important parts of the water heater one by one to prevent damage to the water heater components.

Lightning protection.
It is strictly forbidden to use solar water heaters during thunderstorms and windy weather. The main reason is that solar water heaters are generally installed on the roof of the house. Thunderstorms are easy to mine and prevent lightning.


Some tips you need to know

1.The amount of bacteria on the inner wall of the residential solar water heater will cause skin allergies after taking a bath. Therefore, it is necessary to clean regularly to reduce the harmful substances deposited on the inner wall.
2.The water tank of the solar water heater is full of scale, you can buy a special detergent to clean. Usually take appropriate amount to join, then wait for a while, then open the drain, drain all the remaining water, the scale will be removed.
3.Clean solar water heaters, preferably when the water temperature and water level is low, first drain the remaining water, then wipe the glass tube clean, then loosen the glass tube, take out the water tank, add detergent to clean.
4. Residential solar water heaters are more troublesome to clean, if you do not wash and wash, it is recommended to find a professional cleaning staff to clean the door, it is best not to disassemble and clean without understanding the cleaning steps.

These are the problems and solutions that may be encountered in ordinary residential solar water heaters.
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