How to choose  solar hot water ? 5 characteristics of a good solar water heater

The solar water heater is a sustainable solution to save electricity and heat the water in the batch or pool.
Not all homes have this solution, but more and more people are interested in it.
Consumer interest make factories invest in the production of solar collectors and tanks.
But it’s always convenient to analyze some features to make sure you’re getting a good product! Take the opportunity to discover at least 5 characteristics of qualities that follows.


The solar heating system must be durable and resistant


One of the main features of a solar water heater is its durability. Of course, the cost-effectiveness of a product that has a longer shelf life is more advantageous. The life expectancy of a solar water heater is approximately 15 years, but it can reach longer periods if it received proper maintenance (which is very little) and has been installed correctly.

What guarantees the durability of the system, that is, of the entire set(collectors and tank), among other things, the material and methods used in production. Generally, the basic materials are copper, glass, thermal insulation and aluminum for the collector and stainless steel for the boiler.

Processes such as resistance welding and ultrasonic welding also help to promote greater durability and strength.


The solar water heater must efficiently capture radiation


A solar water heater also needs to have good potential to absorb solar radiation. For this, we will explain how the solar collector absorbs the thermal energy from the sun that is stored in the boiler and from where it is distributed to the consumption points of the home or business.

It is worth noting that heated water is useful in different places, such as homes, condominiums, hospitals, industries, and so on.

The solar collector consists of:

Outer case : usually aluminum, it supports the other components:

Coil: copper tubes that are connected to each other and through which the water passes inside the collector

Fins(absorbent surface) : metal structures (copper, steel or aluminum) that absorb and transfer the sun’s heat to the coil water,

Glass cover: allows the sun’s radiation to pass through the collector and also reduces heat loss (the purpose of this cover is to conserve heat, creating a kind of oven);

Thermal insulation: reduces heat loss from the system through one or more materials, such as rock wool, polyurethane forming, PET wool, glass wool.

A highly selective surface absorbs a high percentage of radiation, emitting and reflecting lower percentages such as 91% absorption, 4% emission and 5% reflection.


The solar collector needs metals with high thermal conductivity


We realized that the solar heating system, to be efficient, depends on good absorption, good thermal insulation and also good thermal conductivity.

Thermal conductivity is a property that allows materials to conduct heat well through their own structure.

Thermal insulators, therefore, are not good conductors, as they insulate heat in a certain space or point, keeping the temperature always the same. The best thermal conductors are metals. As the fins are responsible for absorbing heat, they must be made of an alloy with high thermal conductivity, which promotes rapid heating of the water.


The water tank must have good qualities


It is also worth analyzing, in a special way, the water tank to check its qualities. Its function is to store all the heated water. From there, it will be distributed to the shower, bathtub, garden hose and other possible consumption points. Therefore, it must have good thermal insulation.

Only when heating swimming pools, the boiler is not necessary as the pool itself is a large water boiler.

To ensure temperature maintenance, different insulating materials can be used. One of them is expanded polyurethane, which is applied internally in a progressive geometry, with greater thickness in the high temperature region.

Another point to check is whether the boiler has an electrical support system, which will be useful for rainy days. On these days, it is more difficult (although not impossible) for the collectors to absorb the heat radiation from the sun. Furthermore, the ambient temperature drops and the electrical support service to maintain the temperature of the heated water if only the PU is not enough.

The thermostat is a reservoir device that helps to control the temperature. Therefore, it is also interesting to check if the reservoir has an adjustable thermostat. So, you already buy a complete product, with all the items you need.

Regarding durability, SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel are very resistant to corrosion.

The solarwater heater must be innovative

The solar water heater can be an invocative product that takes advantage of new technologies to optimize its efficiency.

There are different brands of solar water heater on the market. Note the differentials of each. Templates already exist that can be managed through specific applications. That way you can control the temperature from your smartphone. Apps like this allow automatic actions, such as turning the solar water heater on and off according to a predefined time and the possibility of sharing all the App’s functions with the cell phones of other family members.

By considering these characteristics, you increase your chance of purchasing an effective solar water heater with good durability conservation, and so on. It pays to have to a partner company to buy safely!



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