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The brand differentiation is very important in nowadays markets. Riwatt always helps customers to creat value. Thus Riwatt offers verious kind of service. With the latest advanced laser machine Riwatt  can engrave customers’ company Logo, Brands name or other related information on the Solar Water Heater body, such water water tank outer tank shell, bracket, vacuum tubes, solar conroller….and all related carton box, it can be done on different solar waer heater material, such as stainless steel, PVDF or galvanized steel, aluminum sheet body, etc.

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Custmized Packing

For large distributors Riwatt offers OEM service on color box and master carton. Which helps those distributors easily recognized in their secondary markets, also a great strategy to expand market. LOGO customized service will need your assist with providing: 1. your LOGO in JPG, PDF , AI or CDR…. any version is OKAY, as long as they are High RESOLUTION (HD) 2. Making sure LOGO COLOR no more than 3 color, without too much Gradient Color ANY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT ON CUSTOMIZING YOUR LOGO , PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US: Mobile: +86 180 0660 1051 Inquiry E-Mail: