Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Different from solar PV, which generates electricity, solar thermal systems generate heat. Solar thermal or solar heating system can be used quite effectively for your home or business.

Solar thermal systems work by absorbing sunlight and converting it into heat – you might call it a solar water heater for your home. For mid to higher level temperature applications, a dark surface on the solar thermal collector is used to absorb the sunlight. Technological developments in evacuated tube solar collectors over the past 20 years have resulted in surfaces that can absorb as much as 93% of available sunlight and only reflect a very small amount. The round shape of the evacuated tubes allows for “passive tracking” and improves performance over flat plate solar collectors. This means that solar collector systems can reach efficiency levels in excess of 75%!

The task of the solar collector is then to efficiently transfer the absorbed heat to water which is circulated through the panel. Solar thermal collectors are ideal for both domestic hot water and commercial applications where hot water, heating, and even cooling is required.Solar Thermal Installation Fairfield, CT Sun-Wind Solutions