Advantages of integrated pressurized flat plate solar water heater:

1.Quick supply for shower hot water.
2.Pressurized system operation.
3.High explosion protection collector performance.
4.Without overheating problem in summer season.
5.Long operating life but low in maintenance cost.
6.Special designed system bracket can be applied for both flat roof and pithed roof.
7.Separate circulation of heating water and daily-used hot water to ensure the purity of daily-used water.
8.Application areas: Residential, service sector and public sector


Integrated pressurized flat plate solar water heater working principle:

Flat plate solar water heater has a simple operating principle. Generally ,the sunshine via the lucid plate then reach to the heat collector which has absoring coating in surface . most parts of sunshine can be absorbed by the heat collector then transfer to hot energy flow to the media in the flat plate , the cold media which in bottom of collector is heated by the solar energy in the passage and getting warm , the hotted media will take the solar energy to the outlet which is upside the collector then folw to tank for ready .this is called useful energy saving . At the same time ,as the collector is getting hot ,it will loss heat to ouside via the lucid plate and outshell . this will lead to heat loss for flat plate solar water heater


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