80 gallon solar water heater

2 Water Tank
3 Material of Outer Tank Shell High Quality Stainless Steel Plate
4 Material of Inner Tank Chest Food Grade SUS304-2B SS
5 Water Tank Diameter 【360/470 mm】
6 Water Tank Insulating Layer High Density Polyurethane,【55mm】
7 Vacuum Tube
8 Tube Structure All-Glass Double-Tube Co-Axial Structure
9 Glass Material High Borosilicate 3.3 glass
10 Tube Size 58*1800mm * 24 Tubes
11 Coating Material 【Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN】
12 Sediment Method Tri-Element Magnetron Sputtering Plating
13 Absorb Ratio 0.93-0.96> 92% (AM 1.5)
14 Emission ratio 0.04-0.06(800C±50C)
15 Heat Pipe
16 Heat Pipe Material TU1 Copper
17 Heat Pipe Condenser Size 【Ø14mm Diameter】【80mm Length】
18 Heat Pipe Body Size Ø8mm Diameter
19 Riwatt Heat Pipe Pocket 【316 STAINLESS STEEL】
20 Heat-Transfer-Fins Premium Complete Type (Super Model)
21 Max.Working Temp -37 ~250C
22 Start-up Temp. of Heat Pipe <=30C
23 Working Pressure 0.7Mpa.
24 Testing Pressure 1.2Mpa.
25 Daily Efficiency 55%
26 Heat Pipe Material TU1 Copper
27 Bracket
28 Bracket Material Stronger Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel
29 Bracket Angle 27°
30 Bolts & Nuts Stainless Steel

solar water heter 80 gallon


The solar collector collects light energy through the AL/N/AL/SS/CU coating,and converts light energy into heat then stores heat energy in the insulated water tank through a heat pipe, it relies on the thermosiphon principle for natural circulation heating of the water tank. The tank is enclosed pressurized which provides high pressure hot water.


riwatt solar hot water heating production line

flat panel and evacuated tube solar collector solar water heaters

solar energy system hybrid with solar thermal energy



This model works with high pressure,so it can be connected with city water directly. With the heat pipe in the vacuum tube,therefore no water in the tube,each tube can work alone,so the solar colletcor can work even one tube is broken.

Highly efficient absorber of high performance with daily average efficiency over 50%
Start up quickly,the water is heated rapidly by heat pipe which will transfer the heat energy into the tank
Withstand pressure of 7 bar,more comfortable to use
Simple structure,easy to assembly and install
Can be used all year even in the cold climate area
Long service life,can be use over 15 years

Technical Parameters:

Inner tank: SUS 304-2B/1.2~1.5mm
Outer tank: stainless steel/0.31~0.45mm
Insulation: high density polyurethane foam 50/55/60mm
Vacuum tube: 47*1500mm/58*1800mm, SS-CU-AIN/ALN or AL-N-AL coating
Bracket: Galvanized steel 1.5mm/SUS 201 1.2mm
20/25/38/45/50 degree
Accessories: UV stabilized high temperature silicon
Capacity: 100L 150L 200L 300L(according to customers’ requirement)


Inner tank and Outer tank diameter(mm):360/460
Vent connection(inch):1/2
Electrical heating connection(mm):47
Water connection(inch):1/2 or 3/4