Swimming Pool Solar System How They Work?


Most solar pool heating systems include the following:

1. A solar collector — the device through which pool water is circulated to be heated by the sunAn illustration of a solar panel. A tube is at each end of the panel, and arrows show the flow going through one tube, across the panel, and out the end of the other tube, which is labeled the header/manifold.
2.A filter — removes debris before water is pumped through the collector
3.A pump — circulates water through the filter and collector and back to the pool
4.A flow control valve — automatic or manual device that diverts pool water through the solar collector.

Pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collector(s), where it is heated before it is returned to the pool. In hot climates, the collector(s) can also be used to cool the pool during peak summer months by circulating the water through the collector(s) at night.

Selecting a Solar Pool Heater

A solar pool heating system usually costs between $2,500 and $4,000 to buy and install. This provides a payback of between 1 and 7 years, depending on your local fuel costs and available solar resource. They also typically last longer than gas and heat pump pool heaters. Your actual cost and payback depend on many factors. Therefore, before you purchase and install a solar pool heating system, you should do the following:

Evaluate your site’s solar resource
Determine the correct system size
Determine the correct orientation and tilt for the collector
Determine the system’s efficiency
Compare system costs
Investigate local codes, covenants, and regulations.