SR21L Work Station Operation Overview:


1.It is suitable for low pressure steam and water service, and is ideal for use in domestic water heaters and supply tanks,
table top heaters, jacketed steam kettles, unit heaters, low pressure steam systems, and steam coil heaters.
2.Maximum Working Pressure: 200psi (13.8 bar),
3.Maximum Steam Pressure: 15psi (103 kPa).Overview
4.SR11L/SR21L EPP solar workstation is used in a split pressurized solar water heater system.
5.It can be combined with the SR258/SR288 controller.
6.It combines flow control, heat cycle, exhaust, pressure control, temperature display, system injection/discharge and many other functions into one.
7.By connecting solar collectors and split pressurized water tanks, store solar energy in the water tank.It can monitor system temperature, pressure, flow, etc. at any time.The structure of the entire assembly is compact, easy to install and use, good insulation effect.