Non Pressure Solar Water Heater Key points:


Inner tank: stainless steel SUS304, 0.38MM
Vacuum tube: Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN 58-1800mm
Outer tank shell: STAINLESS STEEL.

Insulation: high density polyurethane,55mm
Frame: Stronger SUS-201 STAINLESS STEEL


Use the sun to warm your water. Save up to $579 per year!!


Non Pressure Solar Water Heater Application:


Suitable for an apartment, house, villa, a small residence, a hotel room, business building etc…
Domestic and professional hot water : showers and baths, dishwashers, washing machines, hot spas or swimming pools. Multiply capacity with in series / in parallel connection.


Non Pressure Solar Water Heater Specification
Water Tank 1 Material of Outer Tank Shell STAINLESS STEEL,SUS-304-BA
2 Material of Inner Tank Chest Food Grade SUS304-2B SS. 0.38mm
3 Water Tank Diameter 【470/360 MM】
4 Water Tank Insulating Layer Imported Polyurethane, High Density,【55MM】
5 Tube to Tube Distance 【80MM】
6 Heat Preservation Period 72~80 Hours
7 Welding Method Argon Arc Welding


8 Tube Structure All-Glass Double-Tube Co-Axial Structure
9 Glass Material High Borosilicate 3.3 Glass
10 Tube Size 【58*1800 MM】 【10/15/20/24/30 TUBES】
11 Coating Material 【CU/SS-ALN(H)SS-ALN(L)/ALN】
12 Sediment Method Tri-Element Magnetron Sputtering Plating
13 Absorb Ratio > 96% (AM 1.5)
14 Thermal Emissivity ≤ 6% / (80°C)
15 Pressure Between Tubes (Empty) 5×10-3 PA
16 Freezing Point -30°C
17 The Average Heat Loss: ULT ≦ 0.60W / (M2▪ ℃)
18 Hail Resistance Ȼ25mm
Bracket 19 Bracket Material 【STRONGER STAINLESS STEEL STEEL】
20 Bracket Angle 【25°/30°/38°】
21 Bolts & Nuts Stainless Steel