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SunBlue Flat Panel Solar Collector

Riser Pipe Type:Grid 
Header Pipe Material :copper TP2, Ø22 mm 
Riser Pipe Material and Qty.:Copper TP2
Surface Treatment:Sputtering(Bluetec)
Frame Material:6063 T5 Aluminum Profile,
Back Plate:Galvanized Steel
Heat Transmission Media :Propylene Glycol + Pure Water
Working Pressure(Mpa) 0.7

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Application for SunBlue Flat Panel Solar Collector


Riwatt flat plate solar thermal collector is suitable for residential or commercial solar water heating projects,
Such as hot water for real estates, hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, space or floor heating, etc.


SunBlue Flat Panel Solar Collector Warranty:

5 years international responsibility our Flat Plate Panel Solar Collector due to original quality problems.


SunBlue Flat Panel Solar Collector Comparing with vacuum tube solar collector:

1. High pressure solar collector;
2. Anti-freezing with heat transfer liquid;
3. More simple collector installation;
4. More strong and safe collector with tempered glass glazing;
5. Traditional solar collector with more market share;
6. Enjoys much more popularity in warm area;
7. No working angle limitation.



SunBlue Flat Panel Solar Collector Parts Description:


Riwatt SUNBLUE Serial Flat Plate Panel Solar Collector is one of the most wide-used solar collector with high efficiency, the selective coated absorber sheet absorbs up to 95% of available sunlight converting into usable heat, the heat is normally absorbed by water in the loop, or a freeze-resistant water mixture which is used to supplement hot water heating or house air heating.


◎ Glazing Glass: Toughened low-iron glass (glazing) protects the absorber from the outside environment while allowing through more than 91% of sunlight.
◎ Absorber: A thick sheet of copper or aluminum sheet is coated with a highly selective black chrome coating that is extremely efficient at absorbing sunlight and converting it into usable heat. The absorber sheet is ultrasonically welded to the copper riser pipes.
◎ Insulation: The insulation helps reduce heat loss from the sides and back of the collector. High-density polyurethane and glass wool are chosen by RIWATT company to greatly reduce weight and heat lost of the collector.
◎ Riser & Header Pipe: Conforms to international standards, the header and riser pipes are brazed together to form a harp shaped heat exchanger that the solar system water or fluid circulates through. The absorber sheet is ultrasonically welded to the riser pipes, thus transfers heat to the water or heat transfer fluid.
◎ Casing: Anodized aluminum alloy sheet seals the back and frame of the panel and adds to the rigidity of the collector. The rails in the frame are designed for easy mounting attachment.

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